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Our team of licensed electricians have provided quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service to residential and commercial clients
since 1997.

What We Offer

Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

It is never fun to be shocked by electrical problems. At Professional Electric, we want to be your first choice for electrical repairs and troubleshooting.

LED Lighting

Did you know that LED lighting can produce light up to 90% more efficiently than regular bulbs? Make the switch today.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds more than aesthetics. It adds visibility and security to your yard. Our team of experts will be more than happy to install landscape lighting for you.

Security Lighting

Your home is where you deserve to feel the most secure. Invest in security lighting, such as floodlights, for a safer residence.

New Construction

Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we are here to assist you in installing electrical systems for any new construction project, ensuring the space feels like home.

Panel Upgrades

Do you know when your home's electric panels were last maintained or upgraded? Reach out to our team of experts today to service and upgrade your electric panels.

We Service
Residential & Commercial

Electrical issues can disrupt both homeowners and business owners alike. At Professional Electric, we aim to be your top choice for panel troubleshooting and security light installations. You can rely on our team of experts to ensure the security of your home and the smooth operation of your business.

Keep the power up and running with a

Power outages caused by storms or even minor weather changes can be inconvenient and pose safety hazards. A loss of power diminishes visibility, making even minor tasks difficult and increasing the risk of accidents. Tripping over obstacles due to insufficient lighting can result in serious injuries. To avoid these risks, consider investing in a generator. A generator is designed to provide power during outages caused by storms or other events that could cause a power outage. We offer a wide variety of generators, each operating differently to meet various needs.

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