Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate Your Business with Outdoor Lighting

Does your business have adequate outdoor lighting? If not, it might be time to consider investing in this crucial security measure to ensure the safety of your employees and property. There’s nothing quite like being the last person leaving the office, struggling to find your keys in the dark—it can be unsettling. Let’s make sure your workplace has the right outdoor lighting to create a safe, well-lit environment after hours.

Leaving lights on can deter potential intruders, making them think twice before approaching your premises. It’s important to strike the right balance with lighting—enough to provide security without overly exposing the interior of your business. Insurance companies often recommend, and in some cases require, security lighting to ensure compliance with regulations. Typically, key areas like the front entrance and parking lot are illuminated, not only providing a safe pathway for employees but also shedding light on any unusual activity, such as unwanted visitors.

Start by assessing your current lighting setup after dusk. Are all areas and entryways well-lit, including side access points?

Our Professional Team Can Help You

3 Types of Lighting That May Be Right for Your Business!

When planning your outdoor security lighting, consider prioritizing your energy efficiency goals. If your monthly electric bill is a concern, consider using timers to avoid leaving lights on for too long. Solar-powered lights are another eco-friendly option to consider. Alternatively, motion detection lights can provide bright illumination only when needed, activated by movement in the area.
When it comes to selecting your outdoor lighting, our team at Professional Electric is here to assist you in finding the perfect solutions tailored to your specific commercial lighting needs.