Building a New Home

Phases of
Electrical Installation

Building a new home is an exciting milestone. A brand-new residential home deserves the very best, from the foundation to the drywall to the paint.

Building a new home can take weeks to months. There are many phases of construction, including excavation, plumbing, electrical, framing, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the phases of electrical installation for a new home.

Contractors will use heavy machinery to excavate and pour your concrete foundation. A temporary power source will be needed during this time, so your builder may erect a light pole or use a generator. An electrical conduit will be laid before the foundation has been poured. This will be for plumbing and drains.

Now is the time for your new home to receive its HVAC, roof and plumbing pipes. It’s also the first you’ll see of circuit wiring for electrical connections. You may also find that your electrical contractor has nailed canned lights or exhaust fans onto some studs — don’t worry, this is only temporary! You may also see your security system and entertainment wiring being installed during this time, as the wiring for all will need to be under the sheetrock.

Once sheetrock has been installed, it is difficult to make changes to your wiring system. Now is the time for temporary lighting and light switches to be installed. They’ll most likely be damaged by sheetrock mud and paint and replaced before you even realize it!

Your new house is starting to look like your home! Lights and ceiling fans are being installed and your thermostat has been connected. There have been lots of other changes like flooring, cabinets and landscaping.

You’ve made it! You’ve moved in! At this point, all of the electrical work on your new home is complete. You may find that a switch has been miswired, and your warranty should cover this repair (should it be needed). You may also decide to add an electrical outlet high on a wall, should you want to mount a tv. These are completely normal changes, and your electrical contractor will be happy to help you.

It’s time for your and your family to enjoy your new home!