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Electrical grounding is one of the most important safety features provided by professionals when pools are being installed to ensure a family’s safety. Pool safety comes in a variety of forms. It is most commonly thought of in terms of non-skid decks, fences, and pool covers. However, the bonding and grounding of your pool’s electrical system is a hidden yet critical aspect of your family’s pool safety.

The importance of pool grounding

ensuring electrical safety

Much like your home, your pool requires electricity to power important equipment. This includes pool pumps, lights, heaters, and much more. The pool pump, which moves and filters water, would be inoperable without electricity. Pool light would not light up the night and allow for late night summer swims. Without electricity, the pool heater would not be able to maintain a steady, comfortable water temperature. When electricity is properly connected to your pool, everything is up, running, and fully operational. However, if a pool’s electrical system is not properly set up, a small amount of electricity may be felt by swimmers and may cause harm to occupants in the future.

Unless you are an electrician or electrical engineer, you may not think about the complexity and importance of your pool’s electrical system. Fortunately, at Professional Electric, we think about the electrical system of your pool, and we remain focused on the safe usage and enjoyment of your pool.

What is Pool Grounding?

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To understand electrical grounding and how it works, it is important to understand a few basics of electricity. Electrical currents are made up of electrons, which are negatively charged and flow towards materials as they seek to be balanced out by a positive charge. This flow produces the electricity that powers your home and pool. In most cases, electrons flow from a charged wire to a neutral one. However, if the wire is broken or frayed, it can create a short circuit, causing electricity to flow down a path it is not supposed to. Grounding solves this problem.

Pool grounding is the process by which bonded pool components are connected to the earth. When grounding, the goal is to direct and dissipate harmful electrical currents to the ground and away from pool equipment, pets, and people to maximize safety.

Grounding connects the pool’s electrical network to the electrical panel and then to the earth to dissipate excess electricity. Without a grounding system, people or pool equipment may become a conductor, causing harm to either a swimmer or damaging your pool equipment.

Ensuring Pool Safety

At Professional Electric, our licensed electricians are committed to providing you with a safe, enjoyable day in the sun. The electricians at Professional Electric will work with your pool installers to ensure your pool grounding is done correctly, so no one is at risk of being seriously injured. If you would like to work with us for your pool grounding, would like to inspect your pool grounding, or have questions concerning pool grounding, please contact us today! Our job is to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm caused by electricity and, at Professional Electric, we take that job seriously.