Commercial New Construction


A brand-new building deserves the very best, from the foundation to the finishing touches. Discover the phases of electrical installation in commercial new construction. From initial planning to final fixtures, navigate the key stages with us.

Floor Planning

Ensuring smooth traffic flow within your commercial building is crucial. An aesthetically pleasing interior is essential, particularly for tenants if you’re leasing or renting the space. However, remember that functionality is just as vital for the site’s success.

Breaking Ground

The initial phases of construction involve careful excavation in order to lay the groundwork for plumbing and drainage systems. Temporary power, often from a generator or a strategically placed light pole, ensures uninterrupted work. Once the groundwork is complete, concrete is poured for the foundation, marking the project’s progression.

HVAC Plumbing

Once the floor plan is finalized, plumbing and HVAC systems are installed. Air vents are strategically placed for individual offices, and adjustments may be made to HVAC systems in areas with heavy machinery to prioritize cooling.
Your new commercial space is beginning to look like a home base for your business! Installation of lights, ceiling fans and connection of the thermostat marks significant progress. Alongside these updates, other enhancements such as flooring and landscaping have been implemented.

General Contractor and Permits

Enlist the expertise of a general contractor to manage the heavy lifting. With access to a diverse network of vendors not readily available to the public, a general contractor can ensure comprehensive solutions tailored to your project’s needs. Whether it’s a sprawling shopping mall or a modest office building, investing in a general contractor guarantees the success of your project.


Congratulations, you’ve reached the final stage: moving into your new space! At this point, all electrical work on your building is finished. If you encounter any issues, such as switch wired incorrectly or a plug needed to be added, rest assured that such repairs are typically covered by your warranty. Our contractors at Professional Electric will gladly assist you with any modifications or enhancements you need.