4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Electrical Work

As a homeowner, it’s natural to embrace the “do-it-yourself” mantra, which fosters a personal investment in your home. With a little hard work and a lot of patience, a number of projects can be accomplished. You might like the idea of saving money, but your efforts could be contradictory to the outcome with electrical work. Here are four reasons you should always hire a professional electrician:

1) Electrical work is dangerous and can be potentially fatal.

• DIY electric work causes about 10 deaths and 750 serious injuries per year.

• Electric wiring is intricate and involves considerations only a trained professional would know.

• One misplaced wire can cause a number of safety hazards, including electric shock and fire.

2) It is easy to cause serious property damage.

• Since electrical wiring runs through the walls of your home, getting to the necessary cables for repair requires some minor demolition. If you do this yourself, a small incision to reveal the offending wire could quickly turn into a costly gaping hole.

• You risk destroying your appliances and/or melting the wiring inside your walls.

3) It may be illegal.

• Every state has there own set of standards when it comes to electrical work.

• According to the Electricity (Safety) Regulations Act 2010, there are a few minor tasks, such as light switch installation, that are generally acceptable for homeowners to undertake.

• A number of states still require any electrical work be approved by an inspector, and if not done properly, resulting in expensive fines.

• Electricians are certified and licensed by the state, ensuring that any and all work that is done is in compliance with the state’s regulations.

4) It can affect your home insurance.  

• The goal of insurance companies is to assess the risks related to a particular policy. Any potential dangerous actions taken by the policyholder allows the insurance provider to make adjustments a necessary, which could be anything from higher rates to nonrenewal.

• A claim that is made based on faulty wiring may not be covered and could lead to the company nullifying your policy altogether.

Don’t risk the damage, legal trouble, and insurance trouble DIY electrical work could bring. More importantly, don’t risk safety of yourself and others around you. Hire a licensed and insured professional electrician. Contact the trustworthy team at Professional Electric for all of your residential and commercial electrical services.

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