5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panels

An electrical panel may not seem like much to you, but in reality, it is one of the most vital features of your house. An electrical panel is responsible for delivering convenience and comfort in the form of electricity. It brings electricity into your home and routes it towards areas that need it the most. However, electrical panels are sensitive to technological advances and can become quickly outdated. Appliances we use now are more energy efficient than older generations, but homeowners still use a significant amount of more energy than previous years. This means that your older house may not be supporting your modern electrical needs. Here are 5 signs that you need to upgrade your electrical panels.

You Have Fuses, not Circuit Breakers
Many homes built before the 1970s have fuse-based electrical systems in place. While they perform the same functions as circuit breakers, fuses are outdated and they don’t trip when they are overloaded. Electricians used fuse-based systems when the average house did not absorb such a large amount of electricity. Today, these can be not only inconvenient and costly, but in some cases, they are even dangerous. Because of the potential fire risk, some insurance companies won’t cover homes that use fuses.

Excessive Use of Extension Cords
While extension cords are common, they aren’t as safe as you may think. In reality, extension cords are designed for a brief usage period during short-term holidays or events. Electrical wires that are kept in or against walls in order to protect the wiring system leads to less wear and tear. Cords that are left strewn across living room floors can get kinked, leading to damaged outlets or even fires. If you use extension cords often, maybe you should consider upgrading your electrical panel and installing some outlets.

You Live on An Old Property
While old homes are practical, it may be time to upgrade the electricity panel. With modern technology, your existing panel may not be able to keep up. A few signs of needing to upgrade are: appliances that aren’t performing at their best, lights that flicker, corroded panels, and when the usage of multiple appliances frequently trips your breakers.

Breakers That Trip Often
Circuit breakers were designed to trip when they detected irregularities in the flow of electricity. By tripping, this prevented the system from overheating, which could cause a fire hazard. If your circuit is tripping often, this indicates that the electrical draw in your home is too much for your panel and it is time for an upgrade.

You’re Upgrading Your Home
If you’re remodeling your home or began using new appliances or electronics, then you should consider upgrading your electrical panel. You will need the necessary power for the enhancements to your home in order for them to function correctly.

While upgrading your electrical panel for power reasons is ideal, you should also do it for the sake of yourself and your family. Electrical problems account for almost 51,000 fires each year, so sometimes it is crucial to upgrade.

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