As LED lighting increases in popularity, several important facts have “come to light.” As more people install these bulbs in offices, shops, and warehouses, new findings are showing great promise for these bulbs. Some of these discoveries may surprise you, and all of these benefits will interest you.

  • ENERGY COSTS will decrease with LED lighting. While incandescent bulbs burn at an efficiency of about 20%, LED’s will show an increase to 80%. Wasted wattage with an incandescent bulb is given off as heat, therefore you will save money in cooling costs as well as the basic efficiency of the bulb. Even though the up-front cost is a bit more, prices have come down, and the energy bill savings will give a quick return on investment. LED’s may also be powered with low voltage systems, again showing marked decreases in power consumption. This is indicated for use outdoors, but may also be applicable to other situations.
  • LONG LIFESPAN means less maintenance, with an average use time of 100,000 hours. This means an LED bulb should provide 11 years of continuous operation or up to 22 years of normal use. One bulb will replace up to eight incandescents!
  • DURABILITY indicated by these bulbs is incredible, and they hold up well in situations of vibration, shock, external impacts, and are indicated for use on construction job sites due to their reliability. Their “instant-on” capability allows immediate vision where traverse may be dangerous, such as cord-strewn walkways, dark stairwells, and work areas.
  • FUNCTIONALITY IN TEMPERATURE EXTREMES where fluorescent lighting may fail due to low temperatures or over-heating is another benefit. These lights are great for outdoor light shows and perfect for walk-in coolers or even freezers.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and free of toxic chemicals, these light bulbs are also 100% recyclable. As many consumers show concern for their carbon footprint, LED lighting offers a great solution to conscientious energy usage.
  • PRODUCTIVITY has been shown to increase. The natural daylight tones of the LED lighting are stimulating to the senses and conducive to work. Also, the lack of white noise from the ballasts may be a factor in an improved work environment. LED lighting is flexible and can be set up in a wide range of light, color, and distribution patterns. Schools are using well-designed systems to heighten awareness of students in classrooms. Manufacturing facilities are installing LED lighting in process areas. Offices are changing out fluorescent lighting and seeing changes in personnel work load patterns.
  • THE NATURAL TONES OF THE LIGHTING are visually appealing, showcasing your products and merchandise in a flattering light, which will increase sales. Low UV emissions make LED lighting the only real choice for museums, libraries, art galleries and other areas with sensitive objects which may need protection from UV to preserve them.

If you currently are using incandescent, fluorescent, or high-intensity discharge lighting, we have shown you many reasons that you may want to consider upgrading or retrofitting for LED bulbs. Professional Electric has skilled, qualified, capable electricians waiting to take on your lighting project. Call us to design the best solutions for your space. We are available 24/7 for emergency services! Mobile: (251) 473-5788 Baldwin County: (251) 929-8957 or visit us online at www.ProfessionalElectric.biz and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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