As a homeowner, you’ve probably encountered renovation projects. Whether they involve maintenance or new ideas that you want to incorporate for function or style, one of the first things you must decide is the level of skill involved. Then, you can determine whether you can tackle it yourself as a DIY project, bring in friends and family who have more developed talents, or bring in the pros. As you make the decision, consider these things:

· CODES AND PERMITS: Be sure that your project falls within the boundaries of acceptable changes. Find out if you need a permit and ask if any part of the work requires a licensed pro. Many areas allow some work to be done as you wish, but plumbing or electrical projects may need a licensed worker to complete them. Inspections may be required as the work progresses.

· TIME FRAME: Do you have time to complete the project? Would you be better off bringing in your troops to help, or would your time be better spent overseeing a professional who will most likely accomplish the task much more efficiently? If you expect completion within a set period of time and the time frame is tight, bring in the pros, at least for part of the work, to help keep it on track.

· TOOLS NEEDED: Do you own the tools that the job will require? If you purchase them, are you still saving money by doing it yourself and will you get enough use of those tools to warrant the purchase?

· SKILLS AND TALENTS: Do you have the necessary skills? Can you do the job safely and in an efficient and cost-effective manner, or do you have the basics down well enough to pick up these skills while doing this project? Sometimes it is a great thing to have friends who can help, but if the job is a significant one, you may not endear them if you ask for a long-term time commitment.

· RETURN ON INVESTMENT: If you must do a job two or three times to get it right, it could cost more than having someone involved from the onset who knows what they are doing and how to do it right. If you have never laid tile, bring in someone who knows how and learn while they get it started. Then you can move forward with confidence.

Professional Electric has the back-up you need to make your projects complete. Pick the parts of the job that you feel confident attempting, and let us help with the rest. Our electricians have the extensive training needed to keep you safe. Years of experience mean that they can get the job done before you can finish reading instruction manuals or watching DIY videos. Meanwhile, you can be working on the more fun parts! Balancing the factors above will bring your project in on time and under budget. The team at Professional Electric will help you come out looking like a pro!

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