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Mother’s Day is creeping around the corner and you need to make sure you have the best possible gift to show her how much you appreciate all the hard work she does for you and your family. Mother’s Day is a celebration, a celebration of how amazing your mother is to you and it is a way to show your mother just how thankful you are of that fact.

Sadly, finding the right Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be a little pesky. Jumping from various item to item till you find what you think she will get the most out of. Well this guide will aid in showing you what you could get for your mother on this very special day. Specifically, mothers who love technology!

Netflix gift card

With the thousands of shows and movies at the low rate Netflix offers, a gift card to this service is a must for any mother that loves her television shows and more! A simple $30 Netflix subscription card will give your mother 3-months of this service, this will give her the ability to test out a new service and decide if she wants to continue paying for it after the 3-month period. Netflix subscriptions cost $7.99 a month regularly and can be streamed and accessed on basically any device out there.


One of the best fitness trackers out there, the Fitbit, is an ideal gift for any mother who is into fitness or looking to get healthier. This small little gadget is worn like a watch/bracelet and is able to track all of your activities, set goals, and so much more. Nothing shows you care about your mother and her health more than a Fitbit. This is one of the most accurate activity trackers on the market and you can’t beat the price they are offered at! Fitbit offers a wide variety of their product, ranging in prices and specs. If you want to go all out and get the best and most popular Fitbit, you would need to purchase the Fitbit Charge. This will cost you around $130, but as stated earlier, there are cheaper alternatives.


With this suggestion, you have a large amount of items to choose from that would all be perfect for those mother’s who love their mobile devices. Mophie is a company that specializes in making wireless chargers, charging stations, phone cases with extra battery life and storage, and so much more. This is for the mothers that can’t stay off Facebook, loves taking pictures of their kids, and just uses their phone constantly, leading to a draining of the battery and a not-so-happy mother!

If your mother falls into this category, then you definitely need to check out Mophie’s website, they even have a special page dedicated to the products that your mother would absolutely love for her special day. There are various cases that are stylish and nearly double the phone’s battery life, there are also extreme protection cases that offer extended battery life as well. With all these products offered by Mophie to better your mother’s mobile device, you definitely can’t go wrong with checking out the website and buying something for your mother on her special day!

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