Emergency Plan For Your Electric

It’s always good to have an emergency plan in place, especially during hurricane season. Protecting your family and home is essential, but did you know your electrical system needs protection as well? During a storm, your home’s electrical wiring, devices and appliances could suffer serious damage in the event of a power surge. Find out more about what you can do to protect your home’s electrical system during hurricane season.

Install a Power Surge Protector

Power surge protectors are always good to have on hand for your electrical devices. A surge protector saves your fuses, outlets and devices from damage in the event of a power surge from lightning or disruptions at nearby power generating facility or a transformer blowing. There are two main types of surge protectors to consider: primary and secondary. A primary surge protector is connected where the power enters the home and is installed by a licensed electrician. Its main purpose is to protect the whole house if the power suddenly goes out. A secondary surge protector is much smaller and plugs into an electrical outlet. It can help protect any device such as a television, computer, phone charger, etc.

Disconnect the Electricity if You’re Evacuating

If you need to evacuate, it’s important to disconnect the electricity to your home before you leave. To do this, pull the main breaker that supplies power to your home. The breaker box is normally located in the utility room or garage. Disconnecting the power is a good way to keep surges from entering the home which could cause major damage.

Unplug Electronics and Appliances

You do not have to be in a hurricane’s path in order to experience its effects. High winds, lightning and thunderstorms all occur when a hurricane is near land. If you are staying in your home, take the time to unplug sensitive electronics like your computer and router. If you want to disconnect entire rooms, consider pulling breakers in your breaker box. The breaker box should be labeled with which breaker goes to which room.

Secure Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures such as hanging pendants can become dangerous, projectile objects during the high winds of a hurricane. If a hurricane is headed to your area, remove any outdoor lighting that could easily detach. This also includes patio string lights and insect zappers.

Don’t be left in the dark! Protect your home this hurricane season by implementing an emergency plan for your electrical items. It will give you peace of mind in the event a hurricane does hit your area. Consult with the experts at Professional Electric for any electrical concerns you may have about your home.
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