How To Dispose Of Electronics Responsibly

At some point or another, all electronics get replaced. Maybe you upgraded to a newer model, perhaps they just don’t get used anymore, or maybe they’ve quit working. No matter what your reason is for disposing of your electronics, they need to be disposed of properly. Electronics can be donated, recycled or traded-in. They should never be disposed of with the regular trash as electronics can contain toxic substances like lead, mercury and cadmium that are harmful to the environment.

The first step when ridding yourself of unwanted electronics is to make sure that you have removed all personal information. If you are throwing out old cell phones, be sure that you erase all personal data and do a hard reset of the phone’s software. The same needs to be done for old computers. Deleting files and documents is not enough. Hard drives must be formatted correctly so that personal data is not recoverable by the next user.

Donate It

Just because you don’t want to use your old technology anymore does not mean that it could not be useful to someone else. Contact local charities or non-profits to see if they have any use for the item(s) that you are getting rid of. Old cell phones, computers, televisions, radios and other electronics are generally accepted if they are still in working condition. Know that these organizations likely do not have the means or resources to repair damaged electronics so they need to be in a reliable, functioning order.

Recycle It

Electronics do not go in the recycle bin like cardboard boxes do. Individual recycling centers are set up specifically for recycling electronics. Do a web search for an electronics recycling center near you.

Trade It In

Technology firms like Apple, Best Buy, Sprint and Amazon, to name a few, have systems in place to deal with used electronics. They know how to recycle the materials appropriately to keep hazardous materials out of landfills and lessen their environmental footprint by reusing old metals and glass. Some manufacturers even offer incentives for returning used electronics. Many cell phone service providers offer money back on a new phone when you trade in your old one and Amazon offers money on an Amazon gift card for eligible trade-ins. So bring your old tech to a firm that knows how to deal with it properly or check with your local retailers to see if they offer any incentives for bringing in electronics.

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