How to Protect Your Pets From Electrical Hazards

One of the biggest hazards in your home is electricity, especially for your pets. Just ask children, pets do not understand the threats that can come with cables, outlets and gadgets. Furry friends often like to get into things that they are not supposed to, especially when it comes to wires or appliances that can become an electrical hazard. The last thing you want is for their curiosity to get them hurt or start a fire by playing with your electrical appliances.

Here are five ways to protect your furry friends from electrical hazards: 

Monitor Electrical Appliances

Be sure to always turn off lamps, heaters and fans when you go to bed. Leaving them connected to power is dangerous for your pet. If they knock over a space heater, it could cause a house fire. Remembering to turn them off or unplugging them helps to keep your furry friends safe and your electricity bill less expensive. 

Be Mindful of Their Water Bowl

Make sure that your pets can easily access a source of fresh water. The animals tend to go looking for water when they can’t find it. To minimize your pet’s risk of getting hurt, take caution around bathtubs and sinks where water is frequently used.

Put Away Delectable Cords

For your pet, there is nothing more exciting than playing with the dangling power cord that is in the living room near their bed. Electrical shocks, burns and electrocution can be potentially fatal to your animals. To prevent a fatal accident, tuck away cords by placing them in plastic tubing or twist tying them together.

Teach Them 

If your furry friend is still scaring you with electrical hazards, you may want to properly train them on electrical safety. Your pets can be taught to stay away from cords and outlets, along with anything else that they should not chew on. You can also teach your pets to avoid areas of the house that can potentially be hazardous. The sooner that they are trained, the sooner that they will be safer. 

Managing your house to minimize electrical hazards is a great idea, but it can also save your furry friend’s life or protect them from injury. To learn more about keeping your pets safe from electrical infrastructures, call Professional Electric for a free quote at (251) 473-5788.

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