How To Save Money on Your Electric Bill in The Winter From Professional Electric

As the sun goes down on those long cold winter nights, up goes the thermostat to hold back the night chill. The colder months can be the most expensive time of the year for your family. With your children out of school for the holidays, large family gatherings, extravagant holiday lighting and decorations, cooking and baking preparations, and hot showers to break the chill can add costs to your budget. How can you keep with family traditions and creature comforts without going into debt this year?

Here are some helpful ways to save money on your electric bill when Jack Frost is not only nipping at your nose but your wallet too!

  1. Proper maintenance and safety checks: Get your heating system a check-up by a licensed professional before the first cold snap. Having your system routinely cleaned and maintenance not only helps with safety but efficiency too. An efficient heating system will certainly save on costs.
  2. Sealing the drafts and leaks: Check the windows and doors. Weather stripping or caulking around drafty cavities will reduce the amount of airflow entering or exiting the home. Place clear, plastic sheeting on the inside of your window frames and make sure that it is sealed tightly around the framing. Keeping the cold air from coming in and the warm air from going out will help with maintaining a steady interior temperature. Large fluctuations can cause your heating system to work overtime resulting in a large electric bill each month.
  3.  Adjusting the temperature by dialing it back: Lowering your hot water heater to the warm setting saves on energy costs and scalding dangers, too. Whether you are awake or asleep, at home or away, wearing layers and lowering your thermostat to what is comfortable and safe can be a cost cutting method. A programmable thermostat can make it easy when adjusting the temperature, however, the key to saving money is consistency. This means proper use is necessary to see any results in cost cutting on your electric bill. *If you have a heat pump, follow the recommendations on temperature adjustments for running your system properly.
  4. Open your curtains and let in the sunshine: Opening your south-facing curtains can provide some extra warmth during the day. Despite the cold temperature outside, the sun rays still bring in heat to your home. To maximize your access to the sunlight, trim back any trees or branches that would block the sunshine to your windows. Remember to close the curtains at night to reduce any drafts or cold air. The great thing about sunlight is that it’s free! This is a bonus to your monthly electric bill.
  5. Clean and clear intakes and registers: Change out your air filters monthly to maximize your airflow into the system. A clean air filter helps with the functionality of your system. Clearing a path for air to flow unobstructed from your heating register is important. Placing furniture and rugs over the heating register limits the circulation of warm air throughout the room. The less your heating system must work to provide heat, the more money you will save.

Many people enjoy cooler temperatures, but even winter weather enthusiasts have to come in out of the cold!

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