How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space This Spring!

Does your patio seem unkempt? Garden got you down? Is your outdoor dining furniture looking dingy? Maybe it’s time to spruce your outdoor space! It’s easy to get your home ready for spring by following these handy ideas.

Add LED Outdoor Lighting

It’s true when they say good lighting really sets the mood. It can enhance a nighttime party or illuminate a dinner al fresco. Today, LED has grown in popularity for many homeowners and has become the best lighting option for outdoor spaces. It is more energy efficient, more durable, produces less heat and LEDs are environmentally friendly. It casts a delicate glow instead of the harsh light of a normal bulb.

Repaint Your Space

Now, you don’t have to repaint the entire structure of your house to spruce it up. A fresh coat of paint on your front door will instantly improve your home’s look. Think outside the box and try an entirely new pop of colors such as red or turquoise. Repainting your front door will also protect it from warping and cracking due to heat exposure and the elements.  

Fill the Space With Furniture

It’s time to trade in those outdated plastic patio chairs for some fresh, new pieces. A bistro set is a perfect addition for small space and everyone can have a seat on an outdoor sectional. Add colorful pillows, blankets, rugs, lights and candles to complement your new pieces.

Add Some Shade

Pergolas have become the hottest trend for outdoor spaces, but what if you need more shade? Today, umbrellas come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to keep you comfortably covered.

Freshen Up with Flowers

You don’t have to have a green thumb to freshen up your space with flowers. Ask an expert or research the best flowers to grow in your area. Find the ones that will bloom in the upcoming season for you and your guests to enjoy. Flowers are one of the least inexpensive and simplest options you can add to your home.

Fire It Up

Firepits are not only fun but they’re also functional! They cast a warm glow and keep you toasty on those chilly autumn evenings. They’re perfect for roasting hot dogs and s’mores to feed your hungry guests.

Storage Solutions

Now that your space is spruced up, where are you hiding your stuff? Purchasing stylish storage pieces will help hide your accessories and keep them protected from the elements. A storage bench also provides additional seating for guests.

These simple ideas will freshen up any outdoor space. With just a little time and money spent you’ll have the best looking home on the block! Call the experts at Professional Electric if you want to brighten up your space and enhance your home’s exterior. If you are in need of any residential or commercial electrical services or LED lighting in Baldwin County or Mobile, Alabama look no further than Professional Electric! Visit us online at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter! We are available 24/7 for emergency services! Call (251) 473-5788 and remember, when it comes to your electrical needs, Keep It Professional!

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