Lighting Options You Should Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

Design and brightness play a big part in your kitchen remodel. Too dim and you’ll be searching for your silverware or if it’s too bright you’ll outshine your guests. Gone are the days of large, overhead fluorescent lighting. Today, there are several options available that will allow you to combine function with style.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

A popular option for today’s kitchen is under cabinet light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Installing LED lights beneath your cabinet will help illuminate the space where you do all of your prep work for your meals. This option is not only energy efficient but it can add value to your home as well. These fixtures are interconnectable to give off a more uniform look and are hidden out of sight. Also, since LEDs use less energy and require little maintenance you will rarely have to replace the bulbs.

This type of lighting also gives off a nice, soft glow when the other lights are turned off. Looking for a midnight snack? LED under cabinet lighting gently illuminates the kitchen without having the overhead lights turned on.

Recessed Lighting

A trend that never seems to go out of style is recessed lighting. What was once found mostly in the living room is now being used in the kitchen. This lighting option is created by hollowing out a hole in the ceiling in order to place the light fixture inside the opening. You can make it energy efficient by using LEDs instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Recessed lighting can also be installed in your pantry and can be used to light a normally dark space. This option can also brighten a kitchen with dark cabinets or one that does not receive much natural light.

Decorative Ceiling Lights

The design of a kitchen shouldn’t be left to the countertops and paint colors; you need to think about the style of lighting you will want to install. From industrial to farmhouse chic, picking the right ceiling light will add value to your kitchen.

A popular option nowadays is the use of chandeliers. The right chandelier can set the ambiance of your space. You have the option of using multiple bulbs that emit light upward. When selecting your new chandelier, consider the length and width of the space you have chosen before it is installed.

Pendant lights come in many shapes and styles, and are perfect to install over an island. Pendant lights usually come in two or three light sources and when installed in the ceiling, emit light downward.

Our technicians at Professional Electric are the experts in lighting and LED installation. You will want a professional in your home and we will gladly meet with you to discuss all of your lighting options.

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