Lighting Your Patio for the Summer

With summer just around the corner, there are a wide variety of activities for you and your family to enjoy outside. But of course some of these activities are at night and you want these activities to be well-lit during the summer nights! Activities could range from outdoor games, cook-outs, scavenger hunts, and more because the ideas are endless. Make sure that you can see everything that needs to seen outside, while still making your patio look stylish and beautiful. This guide will help you with coming up with some great lighting ideas to help entertain on these beautiful summer nights on your patio.

Hanging lights

One of the classic and most beautiful forms of patio lighting you can use for the summer is a system of hanging lights. These looks very modern and fit with almost any patio style. They add a sense of elegance and vibrancy to your patio immediately when the sun sets. The most important part to remember when installing hanging lights is that you ensure your wiring can stand all types of weather! A way to get around worrying about weather-proof wiring is to switch solar hanging lights, these will charge up during the sunny summer days and turn on at dusk.

Tiki torch

This option is an old-fashioned homerun choice for anyone looking to light up their patio. A few tiki torch lights scattered around your patio can create a whole new environment from its form of lighting. These also come in great use when trying to light up specific pathways and trails in order to prevent guests from tripping on something in the dark of the night. You can also set up these torches with oil in order to keep bugs from pestering you and your family!

Readymade chandelier

To add an extra sense of elegance to your patio for the summer nights spent dinning out in the stars, add a readymade chandelier above your favorite dinning spot. A simple, small chandelier will fit perfectly over your patio dinning area and add that perfect amount of lighting you need to enjoy your meals at night. This will emit a much greater amount of light and the overall better option when compared to pillared candles.

Party umbrella

This form of patio lighting involves more of a DIY role into creating the lighting setup for these beautiful summer nights with your family. And what exactly that means is that you’ll be designing and decorating the lighting yourself! First you will start off with a plain, canvas umbrella for dinning tables outside. Then once you have the umbrella picked out, you will start decorating it to your liking. This can be done by adding various hanging lanterns and string lights along with colored fabrics to make your umbrella stand out! If you’re not a fan of DIY, then you can also purchase battery powered umbrella lights that clip on to the center pole. These range from $20-$100 online.

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