Power is an absolute necessity when it comes to dwellings and buildings, but, what if you are working outside in the cold and need to heat up and stay grinding? Of course, you snag your outdoor generator from your garage and dust it off. There have been numerous accidents that have occurred because of generators not being used properly. Let’s review a few ways to stay safe and avoid the emergency room this holiday season.

As you know, generators produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous to our body. With that said, do not run a generator inside your home or in any enclosed space. Keep it running outside at all times until it is shut off. It never hurts to keep a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm handy just in case.

When you need to get work done outside while it’s raining, it is best not to use a generator to keep the lights on or anything running without being covered. Go to your local tool and supply store and pick up a cover for your generator. This will keep you safe and keep the generator in tip-top shape so no water damage can occur.

If you are using a generator that takes gasoline, be sure to keep it refueled as needed. Be careful not to refuel while it is running. Any gas that spills onto the hot generator can cause a fire to ignite and that can lead to some very serious burns or worst. Also, make sure that the unit is turned off and cooled down to touch to ensure that no fire will start. Storing your generator is also key to safety. It may be optimized for outdoor use but do not store it outside. Instead, keep it in your garage away from elements. If all else fails and you do not have room inside, purchase a small enclosure and place in your backyard.

At least 50 fatalities a year occur from generators alone. Please stay safe this year and one more tip before you go: do not plug in the generator into an outlet! This is a method called backfeeding and is very dangerous- not just for you and your family but city workers too who handle utilities. There is a high risk of electrocution and this dangerous configuration bypasses your home’s circuit protection devices. Take the time to review these helpful tips and share them with others who own or are planning to own an outdoor generator.

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