Professional Electric Presents Making a Hurricane Safety Plan

Like with any natural disaster, damage can be greatly minimized with a set plan. One that outlines everyone’s responsibilities, plans for safety, and enacts the best ways to go about the worst situations. That’s no difference in the event of a hurricane, or even a tropical storm. Severe thunderstorms can also leave folks without power or daily necessities, and having a plan of action in place that will help minimize those effects can help make life far easier.

Start making your own personalized hurricane survival kit so that your plan can be customized to your individual needs.

Consider your family’s needs. Do you have kids? What about a family member who has special needs? Make a list of any necessary medications or items that will be needed in order to get them through a natural disaster. Next, add on obvious items like, water and non-perishable foods so that all members can stay fed and hydrated. Collect plenty so you can have enough supplies for several days. Some sources even recommend up to two weeks worth of items.

Other items to be packed away include flashlights and batteries, as well as a hand-crank radio so that you can gain access to news, even if you don’t have enough battery power. A first-aid kit will come in handy, especially when surroundings are rough and potentially dangerous. Comfort items, such as pillows and blankets can allow for a comfortable sleeping space, too.

Keep all of these belongings together and in a sealed plastic box so that bugs or water cannot get inside. (Especially while it’s just sitting for months, potentially years, waiting for a hurricane to take place. Though it’s also a good idea to refresh your emergency box each year.)

Now, it’s time to make a plan for the entire family. Make sure all know where the safety box is located. Talk about what everyone should do in the case of an emergency and how you can get in contact with one another. You can also discuss basic survival skills, locations of public meeting points, and more. Talk with a local safety planning committee, or check websites that are available with community safe

havens, and more. The more you and your family discuss this information, the better chance you have at remembering it under pressure.

Finally, make preventative plans so that you’re covered after a hurricane. Property and flood insurance should be updated appropriately. As well as life insurance and one’s will. Though these are unpleasant subjects to discuss, taking a few extra minutes so that everything is squared away will eliminate the stress of planning or financial insecurities later on.

With a little know-how, you can create a thorough and effective plan for you and your family. Take each of the worst-case scenarios into account – and though you hope they never take place, it offers peace of mind to know you’ll be covered just in case they do.

Professional Electric wants you to be prepared!

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