Should I Upgrade or Repair My Current Electric System?

We sometimes might take small things for granted like having working electricity. The beauty of electricity is that it is wired to most of our home system and helps function the norms of our everyday life such as using Wi-fi and turning on lights throughout each room. But when all else fails, you have the option to upgrade or repair your electric system right here in the Mobile, Alabama area. We compiled a short list of when to know if it is time to do either.

When to upgrade: 

-Spending more time on your driveway or deck? If you want a new layout for your electrical wiring, it may be time for an upgrade. Added outdoor lighting and new outlets could make all the difference. Plus, you avoid any violations if done by a professional. 

-Less extension cords, more outlets. Although extension cords come in handy, they are not meant to be used for an extended period of time as they can be fire hazardous. Instead, opt to upgrade to more outlets. 

-Worried about your family’s safety and want to add a brand new security system? Installation is a breeze at your residential home in Mobile, Alabama. 

-Outdated fixtures, fuse or circuit breaker panels can cause a short circuit which therefore requires a more modern upgrade.

-Make the switch from two prong to three prong outlets with simple rewiring to prevent electric shock or fuzes. If you smell fire, do not ignore the signs and get an upgrade as soon as possible. 

When to repair: 

-Easy fixes are best for repairs. Glitches, flickering or troubleshooting problems are also common repairs made by electricians in the Mobile, Alabama area. 

-All weather related issues including tree damage or water leakage on your electrical system is a call for much needed repair. 

-Any breaker kickoffs, mislabeling or faulty cords is an indication of rewiring/repairment time. 

-Look for visible damages such as cut or exposed wires. Any bite marks on wires are also a clear indication of possible rodent problem. 

-Tightening wiring connections through receptacles if needed. Electricians can inspect your home for this type of repairment by using proper grounding system testing. 

-Ground fault alerts are also a sign of much needed repair. 

Remember, rather you are upgrading or getting repairs in Mobile, Alabama, your safety is always a concern to us. Our professionals are ready to make safety features possible with worry-free, correct coding and added energy saving benefits. 

If you are in need of any residential or commercial electrical services or LED lighting in Baldwin County or Mobile, Alabama look no further than Professional Electric! Visit us online at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter! We are available 24/7 for emergency services! Call (251) 473-5788 and remember, when it comes to your electrical needs, Keep It Professional!

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