Signs of Home Electric Problems

If you have a feeling that there is some electrical issue in your home, whether it be a circuit breaker trip or a flickering light, you may want to find the root cause before it becomes a major issue such as an electrical fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2011, a total of 47,000 fires where caused by electrical issues in the home that were neglected.

1. That is Not Dinner Burning in the Oven
Short circuits and loose connections are a probable cause for this odd smell. Be on close watch for charred outlets and switches when you smell this, and you are not cooking dinner. This should not be overlooked, and you must have someone come and inspect the issue to prevent a disaster that should be avoided by fixing the wiring in your home.

2. Historical Homes May Need Some TLC
Older homes that are quite dated likely have been renovated for cosmetic purposes. This also applies to homes that are not considered historic but are 50+ years old. During renovation, take a look at the wiring in your home to make sure everything is up to date and nothing is old and hazardous.

3. No, Casper is not Flickering the Lights…
These days people can be a little over-superstitious at times. Before you come to the faulty conclusion that your home is haunted, turn off the circuit breaker and look for loose wires. Wires that are loose are one of the leading causes of house fires.

4. Dead Outlets
It is definitely not normal to plug in your laptop without the laptop being charged. If the outlet works but it is hot to the touch or even makes a buzzing noise, there is a chance that the wiring surrounding the outlet is bad.

5. Aluminum Wiring
Homes that were built in the 60s and 70s were not built with copper wires like they are today. Copper is a much safer conductor of electricity. Homes that were built in the time periods described above-had aluminum wires installed. Aluminum expands and contracts as the seasons change which can cause wires to become loose over time. If replacing the electrical system with an updated copper wire system is out of the budget, at least look into pig-tailing wires with copper endings.

6. Burning Plastic Odor
You will know when the odor of plastic or even vinyl is prevalent in your home. Sometimes it is hard to find the source of the smell. Take a sigh of relief because you smell the burning of plastic. Oftentimes, you will not notice a thing when there is an electrical issue. You are very lucky to have caught a warning sign of a potential fire.

Signs of faulty wiring are not always present, but when they are, you will likely smell it before it gets out of hand. Consider it a blessing that you are able to catch it in time as this is very rare. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, builders used aluminum wires in the homes. This caused issues with expanding and contracting wires in extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, this eventually caused wires to loosen and at times fail. Many people believe their home is haunted and will go as far blaming a ghost before they dare to consider short-circuited wires. A dead outlet is quite an inconvenience when you need to charge an electronic device. This could be a symptom of a bad outlet altogether. Homes over 50 years old likely need to be updated with not just new paint, but a new and improved electrical wiring system.

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