Technology is a fun and more exciting than ever. The days of boring outlets are gone. Today, you can find all sorts of great gadgets to help improve your life. Here are a few neat ways to change out some receptacles in your home.

1. GROUNDED RECEPTACLES aren’t really that neat, but if you are still dealing with two prong outlets in your older home, this may be the time to point out that a rewire is in order. This will be a job for your Professional Electric skilled tradesman, as an inspection will need to be done to assess the changes necessary and present a quote. Although this doesn’t sound fun, we will make it as easy as possible, and your home will be up to code and ready for a few of the other suggestions below.

2. USB CHARGER OUTLETS will get rid of the clunky cubes which adapt your USB for phone and device charging. This is a great way to clean up the wall, and it also sets up a charging station where you can leave your devices to charge. Since it seems that everything we use these days is charged in this manner, an outlet with four or five USB ports is almost a necessity.

3. USAGE DISPLAY WALL OUTLETS may not shut off the power when not in use, but at least you get a visual reminder of the amount of power being used. Phantom voltage, which is the usage when your devices are technically off, can be as much as 12 % of your power bill. This power goes to maintain things like clocks and computer systems. However, it isn’t necessary. The only way to stop it is to unplug the device. This trendy outlet will tell you how many watts have been used since the device was plugged in, which may be enough to remind you to unplug it.

4. RAMBLER OUTLETS have tabs on the side which release the outlet. Behind it is a tiny extension cord on a self-recoiling roll which will extend the outlet. When you are done, it goes right back into the wall. This is a neat and tidy idea for your kitchen countertop or the bathroom.

5. POWER SOCKET SWITCHED OUTLETS are another great idea to help you monitor your usage. These outlets allow you to twist the plug 90 degrees and turn off the power. If you want a switched outlet, but don’t have the wiring available, this little gadget is a great way to shut off the television or other devices which don’t need to be on all the time.

6. SMART OUTLETS are new technology which allows your smart home to communicate with your phone or other devices to control your home. These outlets can be powered off or on with an app and even voice control with a paired device.

These outlets are easy to install, with the exception of number one. However, if you are uncomfortable with electricity, and many of us are, then give Professional Electric a call today. These inexpensive touches can be installed for you in a few minutes for a few dollars. Let us help you bring your home into the technology age.

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