Spring Electrical Safety Refresher

Spring has arrived, time again to bring the tools out of the shed, and begin the ritual of trimming trees and shrubs, and cutting lawns.  Perhaps we will install a lovely pool or hot tub, and beautiful landscape lighting.  The deck would look so pretty with colorful decorative lighting added.  Maybe we should put a fresh coat of paint on the doors, shutters, and eaves.  There are so many DIY projects that add beauty to our homes that we can’t wait to get started. So, we drag all those great power tools out of the shed, plug them in and start working!

Before you begin one single project,  it is imperative that you do a safety inspection.  All power tools, blowers, trimmers, etc. should be inspected for frayed cords. Never use them if they are damaged.  If you must use extension cords, inspect them as well.

Do not use any of your electrical equipment if it is raining, near pools, wet areas, or sprinklers.  It isn’t worth the risk of injury due to electrical shock.

Before you climb a ladder to do repairs, or paint, check to be certain you are safely away from all power lines. Each year, there are accidents reported of homeowners whose ladders came into contact with live power lines causing severe injury, burns, and even death. The same holds true for power lines that run through trees.  Always look before you climb! If there are live lines running through trees that  need trimming, contact your local power company.

If you are installing landscape lighting always call before you dig!  Even low voltage can be dangerous.  If you have any uncertainties about the project, ditch the DIY and call a professional.

Of course when springtime arrives, we break out the grills and meat smokers for family feasts and fun.  Many of these are electric, and the same safety rules apply.  Check all cords and connections, never use around water or in the rain.

Teach your kids the importance of always avoiding power lines when flying kites, and model airplanes or helicopters. If they do happen to get tangled in live lines, do not try to retrieve them on your own.  Call for help, or better just leave them behind.  The safety of both you and your child is far more important than a toy.

Remember, when spring and summer are over, and it is time to store the tools, store them in a cool dry place. Never leave them plugged in when not in use.  Proper care of power tools is important to ensure they last and are safe to use for several years!

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