The Benefits of Adding Light Dimming Options

Are you considering adding light dimming options in your home? If so, it’s definitely an addition to your home with a lot of pros. Light dimming switches allow voltage to be adjusted to a light fixture so, if you want a fainter light in the room for reading or watching TV, you can adjust the settings. Or, if you want the room to be well lit, you can have the light turned all the way up! Choosing to add light dimming switches to your home is a safe and efficient decision that provides your home with plenty of benefits. Keep reading as we discuss the benefits of adding light dimming options.

Energy Efficient
In this day and age, so many of us are searching for home additions that are energy efficient, for anything that helps the environment and our bank account. By dimming a light, you save up to 98 percent more energy, and up to around 10 percent off your energy bill. Plus, reducing the amount of wattage used by the bulb will cause it to last longer, saving you additional money on light bulbs and reducing the need for more lights to be produced around the world.

Lighting Controls
Who wouldn’t be in favor of being able to control a room’s lighting by pressing a button? The more modern light switch dimmers now come with remote controls that allow you the ability to control the lighting. Kiss the days goodbye where you flipped a switch to turn lights on or off. With light dimming options like these, you can set the tone in any room.

Fluorescent Lights
You can dim fluorescent lights which causes the bulb’s color to have a cooler look. However, dimming fluorescent bulbs will not cause them to last longer like incandescent bulbs. It’s still less expensive and more convenient.

Last Longer
When you install light dimming options, you can expect bulbs to last longer. By dimming your lights at least 25 percent, you’ll save 1/5th of the electricity. The softer you have the lights fading, the longer the lamp will last. This could provide an additional three or four years to one that may last only six months.

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