Per the National Fire Protection Association, between 2010 and 2014, there were over 45,000 fires per year involving electrical issues. These fires caused more than 400 deaths per year, and over $1.4 BILLION in property damage. Are you guilty of doing any of these things which may contribute to those statistics?

1. IMPROPER USE OF AN APPLIANCE causes many fires. This section has many applications and may include different ways to misuse items. For instance, how many of you have ever put a 100 watt bulb into a light with a maximum rating of 60 watts? Most of us have at one time or another, because we just need that extra light. Right? Well, there is a reason that lamp or light is rated for the wattage that it is assigned, and you do risk overheating when you substitute. In fact, for the best protection, switch to LED light bulbs. You can go larger with those, as they don’t use as much energy, and they don’t give off heat. The light is awesome, and you should be able to see whatever you need to see. Another instance of misuse is leaving a heater on when you are gone. This can result in a fire also.

2. OVERLOADING may be on a circuit level, or even the whole home. If you have an older home, and the wiring has never been touched, you are more than likely overloading the existing power feeds. How do we know that? If you have a home from the 1900’s or even as new as the 1950’s, we can be certain that the electrical usage during the time when the home was built was minimal compared to today’s needs. In the 1900’s, most rooms had a lamp or two. There may or may not have been a refrigerator or washing machine, and later a television or stereo. However, only in the last few generations are there computers in every home, and now there are multiple mobile devices. Entertainment centers hold a wide array of electronics which allow our televisions to do everything imaginable. If the home has been upgraded, you can still get into trouble by stringing electrical cords. Some fires are also caused by changing a breaker or fuse to a higher amperage just to stop tripping from overloaded circuits. Unless you know what you are looking for, or have a thorough inspection done, the fact that a previous owner or tenant may have changed out a breaker could go completely unnoticed. When this happens, the wiring in the home is no longer protected, and heat and fire may result.

3. TIME is an enemy of mechanical connections everywhere. Although tightened properly when installed, screws and connectors may work loose over time, especially if the technique was not perfect when completed. Even poorly made joints in wall and ceiling boxes may suffer over the years, and cause problems later.

If you are not sure of the condition of the electrical system in your home, Professional Electric can do a complete and thorough home inspection to get a clear picture of your power supply. We can help remedy any issues that you may suspect, and bring your home up to code. Give us a call today to schedule that appointment.

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