What if I can’t afford a generator?

As a homeowner, it is essential to have a generator in case the power goes out, especially in the South. Being near the Gulf Coast, we are exposed to hurricanes and tropical storms every year, and it is essential to have a generator for when the power goes out. However, at Professional Electric, we understand that not everyone can purchase a generator. We believe that everyone should be able to afford an electrical backup, which is why we offer generator financing.

You may not realize how much your home and daily life are reliant on energy until you’re in the middle of a power outage! You’ll be able to regulate and protect your home with a whole-house generator installed, even during severe weather. Some of the advantages of installing a generator are as follows:

  • Cooling and heating regularly.
  • Freezers and refrigerators do not thaw.
  • The lights and outlets are in good working order.
  • The security systems are up and running.
  • Garage doors and gates can be opened and closed.

A whole-house generator could be the ideal solution for preparing for extreme temperatures or frigid temperatures. Having an emergency generator will also help you to keep your home’s essential appliances operating, such as lights, refrigerators and even medical equipment. That way, when the electricity is out, your household won’t be left in the dark. Power outages are notorious for being unpredictably timed.

All generators cost differently. Depending on the type of generator you choose, they can range in pricing. The four main types of a generator are gas, liquid propane, natural gas and diesel. You’ll be able to weather any storm with ease if you have a whole-house generator. If you’re ready for dependable power, call Professional Electric now to get started on your whole-house generator financing!

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