What is the Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Electrician?

Electricians are the knowledgeable people trained to install and fix issues with the electrical systems of homes and businesses. Usually, there are electricians who tend to work in residential buildings and ones that work in more commercial environments. Besides just their titles, what’s the difference between the two?

Where They Work

As the name implies, residential electricians work in homes and residences. Residential electricians are the folks who install wiring in new homes and who come to your house when you need new wiring installed or replaced. They can also perform inspections on your home’s electrical systems to make sure it is safe and up to code. It’s always good to know a professional residential electrician in case you do a remodel or need repairs done. 

Commercial electricians are the ones who work in our offices, stores and other places of business. They often work on power outlets and lighting in these places. Because commercial buildings often use more power than homes, many businesses have contracts with commercial electricians to maintain their place of business regularly. 

Education and Training 

While the basic training for both types of electricians is very similar, they also get trained and practice in their specific field. Systems are different in homes than it is in businesses, so they must be prepared for and knowledgeable about the type of electrical work they will be handling in their profession. 

Outside of the general scope of electrical work, those who work in residential environments may also study things like grounding, circuits, air conditioning, appliance systems and motors. Those who work in commercial electrical may study things like lighting, voltage systems, computer cabling, generators and surveillance cameras. 

Day to Day Work

The day to day work of residential electricians can be very routine, giving them lots of time to become very skilled at their craft. Many residential electricians are extremely efficient because they do the same tasks over and over. 

Commercial electricians usually handle a wider variety of tasks for different types of businesses, making their skills very well rounded while still being efficient and detail-oriented.

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