Why Should I Have a Generator?

Living in the South, we are no stranger to hurricanes, storms or other weather catastrophes. The fact of the matter is that nature is unpredictable and we need to make sure we have a plan in case of an emergency. No matter what your disaster plan of action is, at Professional Electric we highly recommend that everyone adds a generator to their list of essentials. Even if you plan on evacuating during a major storm, having a generator ensures that you have a second option if the power back home takes a while to be restored, even after the storm. Read on to learn more about why you need a generator.

Keep Essential Appliances Running

In the event that the power goes out, even a few hours can be detrimental to your food supply, electronics or other useful items. Keeping your fridge and freezers running is important, as no one wants their food to spoil during such a troublesome time. Your generator will save you money and keep your family well-fed and secure when you need it most.


While making sure your food supply and appliances remain protected may be your first concern, comfort is another factor to keep in mind. There’s not much worse than facing a muggy, hot day in the south with no air conditioning – having a generator ensures that you’ll have enough power to keep your family cool and comfortable during those uncertain times.

Other Instances of Power Outage

Power outages are not always caused by storms. If you’re unconcerned about a hurricane or other weather catastrophe affecting your power, remember that unexpected outages can occur even when the weather is perfectly normal. In the event of a city-wide blackout, having a backup generator on hand and ready to go gives you added security and peace of mind in the unknown.

Working from Home

In the event that your neighborhood, city or general area loses power, you may find it impossible to work from home. If you have a remote job, missing weeks or even just hours of work due to an outage is unacceptable and can put you under a financial burden. You have a job that you need to be able to perform, and with a backup generator, you can do just that.

Peace of Mind

At the very least, having a generator added to your plan of action in the event of an emergency will give you peace of mind. You can rest at ease knowing you and your family are well-prepared for any sort of power outage, no matter the cause.

While the ultimate goal is that you never need to use your generator, the reality is that life happens and you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way. If you are interested in learning more about backup generators, or you need help with any electrical problems your home or business may be experiencing, give Professional Electric a call at (251) 473-5788 today!

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