Why You Should Consider a Whole House Generator for Hurricane Season

In the next few months, hurricane season will be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you need to let your guard down. Tropical storms and hurricane activity usually peaks during the latter part of the season but you still have time to protect your home. Investing in a whole house generator will give you the power you need in case of an outage.

If your home is connected to a natural gas line then you are eligible to have a whole house generator installed by a professional. Unlike portable generators which require gasoline to operate, a whole house generator only needs to be connected to its own natural gas line or propane. This means power will always be available because it is permanently connected to your home’s power system. The whole house generator will also automatically switch the power back on whether you are home or away.

Whole house generators also sit outside the home (much like an air conditioning unit) leaving you less to work do when there is a power outage. A portable generator would require you to go outside during the storm to fill it with gas (assuming you have your gas cans filled). Even though a portable generator will keep the lights on and some appliances, you are limited in the amount of power you have available.

More Power
While having any type of generator is beneficial during a weather emergency, you will want to make sure you have enough electricity to power your entire home. Appliances, medical equipment and heating and cooling systems all require a higher power supply. A whole house generator will not only keep the lights on but will give you peace of mind that your essentials are never turned off because the gas supply ran out.

They are Cost Effective
Nothing is worse than a refrigerator or freezer full of food that spoiled due to a power outage. Medication that requires refrigeration would also go bad if the power is cut to the refrigerator, causing possible health risks. A whole house generator will help keep your family fed and healthy by keeping the power supplied.

Adds Value to Your Home
Installing a whole house generator can be guaranteed added value, especially in our hurricane prone area. Potential homebuyers will like the additional protection it can give them during an extended outage.

Protecting your house and your family is essential during any weather event. Investing in a whole house generator will provide the safety and comfort your home needs during emergencies. Don’t get left in the dark. Call Professional Electric to discuss your whole house generator options.

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