Why You Should Switch to LED Bulbs

Lighting is an important part of your home. It can create a specific atmosphere, open up your space, or highlight artwork. The type of lighting you use is what creates the aesthetic that you are going for, but not all light bulbs are created equally. LED bulbs have a multitude of benefits in comparison to regular fluorescent bulbs.

They Last Longer – LED bulbs do not have the filament inside like fluorescent bulbs do so there is nothing to break or burn out. They can last for over 11 years of use at full brightness.

They Are Energy Efficient – regular bulbs lose roughly 80% of their energy to heat loss, leaving only 20% for light. LED bulbs only lose 20% of their energy to heat. Because of their low heat loss, LEDs only require 10-20% of the power that other bulbs do. Energy savings means more money saved on your electrical bills.

They Are More Versatile – LED bulbs come in a variety of colors and shapes. They can replace almost any bulb in the house and they do not have the extra filters that other incandescent bulbs have, which means LEDs give off a truer, brighter color.

They Light Better – LED bulbs come to full brightness in microseconds. They are also able to be dimmed while still maintaining their true colors (whereas incandescent bulbs give off a yellow light when dimmed). Not to mention, LED bulbs also work in silence. There is no humming sound when the bulbs are turned on.

They Are Safe – less heat loss during use means that the bulbs are not hot to the touch. So no more burnt fingers and no more fire hazards for your house. They are also much more durable than regular bulbs, therefore, minimizing the risk of broken glass.

They Are Environmentally Friendly – LEDs do not contain harmful mercury in them as fluorescent bulbs do. Because they also outlast other bulbs and use up less energy, there is a less environmental impact when using LED bulbs.

They Save You Money – as mentioned above, less energy consumption translates to lower electric bills. While LED bulbs are more costly upfront, the energy savings, as well as fewer replacement purchases, add up very quickly to saving you money in the long run.

LED bulbs can be picked up anywhere that light bulbs are sold.

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