5 Phases of Electric Construction

The process of a new build requires careful planning and an initial five phases for manufacturing, construction and installation. They are broken down into services which are further explained below including electrical construction in Mobile, AL. Whether you have a residential or commercial building in mind, it is always helpful to know what to expect in the next coming weeks or months which will ultimately depend on different building factors. 

Phase 1: Temporary Electric Conduit

Phase one begins with what is known in electrician terms as the “wet phase” with a concentration on the building’s foundation. A generator may be used to get access to a temporary power source. For plumbing and drain purposes, electrical conduits are also used. 

Phase 2: Rough-In

HVAC ready? We know so! The rough phase of an electric construction in Mobile, AL comes in once flooring and all other features and add ons are installed. Electricians will work on the circuit wiring and work on putting all necessary lighting up such as exhaust fans, cans and soffits. Additionally, security and entertainment wiring will revolve under the sheetrock. 

Phase 3: More Temporary Needs 

Once the sheetrock is in place, temporary lighting will be installed. Sheetrock mud and paint are known to stain these structures so the process only relies on small details. Temporary and temperature control systems are included and can be seen during electric construction with switches and receptacles. 

Phase 4: The Finish

During the final homestretch of finishing phase four, you can expect to see big changes come together. Things like installation of lights, ceilings, floors and cabinets to name a few as well as external electrical items are readily available. Again, considering the space, materials and any minor issues, the process varies by time. Be sure to talk to your contractor about an estimated date of completion for your project. 

Phase 5: Modifications and Warranty 

Now that all of that hard work has been completed, the electric construction side of things is complete. But before giving it a go, your contractor will first want to test everything beforehand. Look out for miswirings or if you want to add on any electrical outlets as seen in wall mounts as your contractor can take action on any modifications. Looking over the warranty period will also help get a better understanding of when and how to contact owners for any additional changes and access for repairs. 

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