Customize Your Home with New Light Switches

Light adds more than just brightness to your home. It helps power and elevate your space as quickly as flipping a switch. From LED bulbs that will help save you energy to a retrofit design or recess lighting, the choices are endless. Find out which fixtures are customizable for your home with a new light switch and take control over your home’s lighting today.


Light/Smart Switch Dimmers

Change the mood and ambience of your home in an instant with a light dimmer. Unlike a traditional toggle light switch that only allows one form of brightness, the light dimmer switch can be adjusted to the amount of light you want from a low intensity to its highest. You can choose the type of system you want depending on the number of watts and fading you prefer. For even more control, choose a smart dimmer that can be connected to your Wi-Fi and controlled through your smart devices such as Google Assistant for easy on and off commands. They can also be programmed to a set timer with a remote.

Proximity/Sensor Switch

Save energy by making the switch to a proximity switch. It detects motion through its sensors and works excellent with LED bulbs. It saves energy by automatically turning off the lights for those moments when you forget to. The convenience of going into a room and the light turning on automatically and turning off when you leave is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home, such as living rooms and hallways or in your place of business.

The Photoelectric Switch

The photoelectric switch works best for outdoor use, such as on your porch. It turns on when it detects darkness, eliminating the hassle of searching for a switch in the dark. This automatic function is the same function that you commonly see on street lights, and you can easily have it installed outside your home or workplace as well.

Touch Switch

We saved the best for last because this switch requires only a tap of your finger and is the latest form of advanced lighting technology. The touch switch also functions as a three-way operation system, making it easy to control another room’s lighting.


While changing a light switch may seem easy theoretically, it is essential to install them properly with the help of our professional electricians. For safety reasons, different outlets may require rewiring, especially if they are outdated or have specific electrical specifications. We also will gladly install new outlets if needed.


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