Do I Need Special Equipment to Charge My Electric Car at Home?

Electric cars are great for the environment. They can also be beneficial for your budget considering you’ll be purchasing far less fuel than you used to. If you have recently purchased an electric car, or are considering buying one, there’s a lot of terminologies that may be thrown your way making it puzzling to determine what you do and don’t need. There is some basic information that new electric car owners should keep in mind when it comes to equipment needs. Keep reading as we discuss how to charge your electric car at home and where the charger will go.

Equipment Needed

In order to charge your electric car at home, you have more options than you’d imagine. Your car can be charged with a 120- volt wall socket. Although this may seem ideal, it does take a long time to charge. For a faster charge, you can install a 220V charging station. This can be time consuming, but can be beneficial for people who drive constantly due to its rapid charge.

Where Does The Charger Go?

Chargers can be residential or commercial. Commercial charging stations are usually found at public facilities such as gas stations. There are also cities that provide public electric charging stations in parking lots. Residential electric vehicle chargers are installed in your garage or a standing unit by the driveway.  It’s important to use an experienced electrician when installing an EV station at home. This will help keep you from overloading your household electricity.

Tips for Charging Your Electric Car at Home

Depending on what option you choose to charge your car, charging it overnight will ensure a full charge throughout your day. Although a car with a full charge is your goal, be sure not to leave your car plugged in for any longer than needed. This can cause your car to over charged, possibly resulting in excess wear to the battery in the future.

Residential chargers are the best way to make sure you are able to keep your vehicle charged. If you have questions about installing an EV station at your home, contact the team at Professional Electric. Our team has the knowledge, training and equipment necessary to help you with whatever your electrical endeavors may be.

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