Gift Guide for the Techie

Tis’ the season for giving the ultimate gift for the techie in your life this holiday season. Thanks to Professional Electric, we’ve got you covered on all the essential electrical needs for your techie this year. From lighting to heating, cooling or repairs, read about it here and give the gift of giving.

Automated LED Lighting

Deck their halls with LED lighting. We offer light fixtures for both commercial and residential lighting plus outdoor lighting, as well. Installation or modifying lighting is where our professional team does all the work and where you will see your techie light up their eyes in awe! After all, LED is the most commonly used choice because of its energy efficiency and reduction in costs compared to regular lighting. If they have a basement, the automated lighting can add the chill ambiance to their bar area or man cave. Or elevate their personal office space into a brighter sophisticated room.

Electrical System Upgrade

Out with the old and in with the new! Tired of hearing the annoying little beep sound coming from the smoke alarm because of low battery? Surprise them with a smoke detection system that is hardwired instead. Not only will you do them a favor, but you can save their lives while at it. Any old wiring or electric panels in need of a repair is always a great gift to give because you help prevent a fuze and with any safety issues. Is their refrigerator not cooling correctly? Do they still have two-prong ungrounded outlets or need GFCI outlets? We can fix it all!

Heating Functions

Don’t let your techie fall into winter blues and give them the gift of warmth instead. Their A/C unit may require some rewiring, or you may want to add heated coiling for their underground heating floors. Maybe their oven hasn’t worked for months, and you miss those pizza nights together. If their water doesn’t come out hot as it should, they need a water heater repair or thermostat upgrade. There are many things in homes that properly function with electrical work, such as heating functions. We want you to know that those little details matter, and if fixing it is a problem, our electricians are here to fix anything from simple to complex issues.

If you are in need of any residential or commercial electrical services or LED lighting in Baldwin County or Mobile, Alabama look no further than Professional Electric!

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