Handyman Vs. Electrician – What You Should Know As A Consumer

If you own a home or a business, there will be a time when you will need electrical work done. Whether it might be installing new light fixtures or a complete rewiring of the property, you want to hire the right person for the job. Do you hire a licensed electrician or a handyman your best friend recommended? They are both equipped to do the job, but what should you consider as a consumer? Here is everything you need to know about hiring a handyman versus an electrician.

Building Codes and Permits

Anytime you are having work done it’s imperative for you to know the local building codes and what permits are needed. A handyman, who typically performs many trade skills, may or may not follow through with securing the proper permits for the job. This could result in costly fines left for you to pay. A certified electrician will be more familiar with building code requirements and securing permits.


Safety Concerns

It’s easy to think that anyone who is familiar with electrical work knows what he or she is doing, right? While a handyman may have some experience in electrical work, it’s the licensed electrician who has undergone the hours of education and training needed to do the job safely. A certified electrician also knows the protocol for the right safety measures, the proper tools to use and how wiring is done in homes. Electricians are also required to stay up to date on the latest safety standards and building permits. In some states, it is the law to hire a licensed electrician for the job. Electrical trade unions have lobbied lawmakers into passing laws that require a certified electrician to do any electrical work.



Many individuals think that hiring a handyman will help save money on an already expensive project. In reality, it’s the licensed electrician who may be more reasonable than you would think and a better financial choice in the long run. In order to save top dollar on a project, get multiple estimates from electrical companies. This will give you a better idea on what the electrical work should cost.

Liability Issues

Did you know if an unlicensed handyman is hurt while on your property that you are held liable? This could cause the cost of your premiums to skyrocket, meaning more money out of your pocket for your project. A licensed and bonded electrician must have his or her own insurance policy in place before performing any work.

Trust your gut when it comes to hiring the right person for your electrical needs. In the end, cutting corners may end up costing you money! Go with the pros from Professional Electric for your next project. We have a staff of licensed experts who won’t leave you in the dark.

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