How to Know When It’s Time to Rewire Your Home

Living in your home is a comforting and rewarding feeling, especially if you have lived there for a long time. However, with that time, your home becomes older and may need electrical upgrades. While you may think nothing of it, not upgrading or rewiring your home can become a fire hazard in the long run. So how and when do you actually know when it’s time to rewire your home? We share tips on how to know below.

Flickering lights 

Flickering lights are easily the most noticeable sign to look out for when considering if you should rewire. This means there are loose wires that can be easily fixed by an electrician.

Smelling fire

The burning smell of fire is not safe and is indeed an indication of a shortage or faulty wires. It can sometimes be seen as burnt fire marks on power outlets. It is therefore important you follow up with a residential electrical service provider immediately. 

Hot electrical wires/plugs

It is normal for things that are plugged in over an extended period of time to start overheating. However, hot electrical wires and plugs that are hot to the touch mean you need a residential electrical service to come in for inspection. This could be an early warning for a fire hazard. 

Light bulb burnouts

Have you ever had a light bulb burn out just a short time after you installed it? It could possibly be because your wiring is overheating and there is not enough voltage to withstand it. Instead of continuing to buy new bulbs, save electricity and money by getting a rewiring done. With upgraded wiring, you are able to take advantage of LED saving options. 

You have two-pronged outlets

Having two-pronged outlets instead of a three-prong can easily cause a shock or fuze. Why? Older homes are built with two-prong outlets and sometimes with even one. Two prong outlets are not grounded meaning all panels are at risk. It is a good idea to make the switch and protect your electronics from further damage with ground fault circuits. 

An outdated fuse box

Outdated fuse boxes may contain aluminum wires which are prone to safety risks. Oftentimes, they are also mislabeled in decade-old houses and can be hard to fix if it begins to trip. If you notice these things, it is time for a rewire. Rewiring also means having to take down wall coverings such as drywall in order to properly install a circuit breaker. In this case, any new electrical construction will require a special permit and coding from a professional electrician. 
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