Industrial vs Commercial Electricians

Just like our homes and businesses, industrial sites have electricity that powers buildings and projects to keep things running smoothly. There are professionals who are trained to work primarily on different electrical sites. The professionals trained to work in businesses are called commercial electricians and the electricians trained to work in industrial settings are industrial electricians. The titles sound similar and both work in places of business rather than in homes, but what exactly is the difference between the two? 

Training They Receive

Most electricians receive the same basic training. They learn the basics of electrical, the dangers of working with electrical and the vocabulary that goes with it. They also learn basic functions of electrical installation and repair. Depending on what type of electrical they will be working in, they may be required to complete specific specialized training.

Where They Work

Commercial electricians often work on the electrical systems in places that are frequently visited by customers, like retail stores and restaurants. They also work in places like office buildings or warehouses. They ensure that everything is working properly, is up to code and is safe for both employees and customers. 

Industrial electricians work in places that many of us don’t frequent, unless we work there as well. These places include electrical firms, construction, steel manufacturers, automotive plants and mining companies. These are places with complex electrical systems and often extremely high voltage electrical. 

What They Do

The type of work an electrician does is completely based on their skillset, training and work environment. A few of the typical tasks of a commercial electrician does on a regular basis may include:

  • Installing electrical wiring and components 
  • Inspecting and maintaining electrical systems 
  • Planning and installing new electrical systems 
  • Repairing or maintaining heating and cooling systems 
  • Installing the electrical components of security systems

A few of the typical tasks an industrial electrician does on a regular basis may include: 

  • Reading and interpreting drawings, blueprints, schematics and electrical code specifications
  • Installing, replacing or repairing electrical wiring, switch boxes, lighting fixtures and other electrical components
  • Testing electrical and electronic equipment
  • Maintaining, repairing, installing and testing electrical components
  • Conducting preventive maintenance

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