Knowing when it’s time to update the lighting in your home

The lighting in our homes can make a significant difference in the overall look and ambiance. More importantly, it can also bring up the value in the home and prevent any safety hazards from occurring due to outdated lighting. Knowing when it’s time to update the lighting in your home can save you time from doing it yourself as well as help save money on your energy bill. 

Flickering lights

You may see flickering lights as a sign of a burnt out or dull bulb. However, flickering lights also indicate a deeper issue with the electrical system. Outdoor landscape lighting, for example, can begin to flicker and cause trouble with even power distribution. This will also cause trouble with being able to see at night and throughout the property. Updating outdoor lighting can fix this issue as the infrastructure is renewed. 

Having two-pronged outlets

Two-pronged outlets are usually seen in older homes. But making the switch to a three-pronged outlet is safer since it prevents electric shock or a fuze. It also ensures there is a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter outlet) in place as it reduces any risks with electrical faults. 

You are using extension cords more often

We all have them laying around our homes: extension cords. While they are known to be useful, they are also known to only work for an extended period of time. Using them too long can eventually lead to a fuze or become a fire hazard. This means you will need to make the upgrade on more outlets for your residential lighting. 

Poor installation 

If there are hanging light fixtures in the home with wires sticking out or overall damaged residential lighting, there is poor installation that requires updated lighting. Each light fixture requires appropriate light fittings,otherwise, short circuits will likely occur. Calling a professional electrician that specializes in residential lighting and installation will ensure that it is done according to code and avoid any violations. 

Sudden blackouts 

Sudden or frequent blackouts are another common sign that residential lighting requires updating. Some residential owners will have a generator at hand that will help alleviate when blackouts occur. It is important to take notice of when they occur and if the surrounding vicinity has the same problem. If you notice that you are the only one experiencing this, it is most likely a broken fuse has taken place only on your property. Not only will the blackout affect the electrical wiring system, but will eventually cause permanent damage.

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