Outdoor Lighting For The Holidays

Make the holidays festive this year with outdoor lighting for your home. Be part of what your neighborhood looks forward to and make seasons bright for all ongoing sightseeing drivers. Aside from a fun tradition, outdoor lighting for the holidays makes for the perfect time to get creative with all LED electrical possibilities. 

Go Big or Go Home

There is the common misconception that houses filled with holiday lights scream for a high electricity bill. Let us debunk this thought and tell you there are LED options that will save loads of money rather than using non LED bulbs. Residential outdoor lighting will make not only accentuate the holiday decor you already have but also bring a professional aesthetic to your home. It also always adds value and will last for years to come. So bring out the holiday spirit and go big this year and let there be light!

Illuminate Your Neighborhood With An Entrance 

Illuminate your neighborhood with an entrance with outdoor lighting that wows. Let your front door, porch, landscape and surrounding pine trees stand out with updated light fixtures. Your holly wreaths, pre-lit garland and winter decor will sure not go unnoticed. Light fixtures can be installed wherever there are sconces, walls and post lighting. Upgrade to motion activated lights for an even more outdoor lighting experience. 

Wonderland Pathway Accents

Make your driveway, stairway, garden and walkway a winter wonderland pathway to impress your guests. Brighten it up with LED bulbs and ground lights that work as accents and are solar powered to help you save you on your electricity bill. They come in a variety of voltage capacities for maximum integrated outdoor lighting. Choose from sleek designs, different tones of colors and even waterproof features for those snow cold days. 

Holidays and Beyond 

Feel the holiday stress ease away with full control. You can turn on and off all your holiday lights with the push of a button. Avoid the hassle of extension cords once and for all and have an electrician run a conduit from an existing circuit to a receptacle instead. This allows you to connect more holiday outdoor lighting without the risk of shocking hazards. Another benefit of having running power for outdoor lighting is that you can have it beyond the holidays. During cold winter months, coming back from grocery runs is a breeze when you have appropriate lighting in the garage or driveway. 

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