Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer

Trying to find a way to spruce up your outdoor living areas for the summer? The summer is the best time to add in new lighting fixtures to elevate the overall atmosphere of your home and create new memories. Outdoor lighting creates the opportunity to continue to use your outdoor spaces, even after sundown! From s’mores around the firepit to gathering around the outdoor dining area, here is a list of ideas that can help illuminate any backyard.


Light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, are a sustainable way to light up your outdoor living area while sparing your budget. LED lights are long lasting and keep you from spending money continuously replacing the bulbs. They even help save on the power bill by only using 40% as much energy as a fluorescent bulb.

String Lights

In the past five years, string lights have become a staple for many patio areas. String lights are versatile to fit your personal style, coming in different styles like miniature light bulb, fairy lights, christmas lights and even crystal string lights. The variations make it easy to fit into any design elements in your home. The lights can be strung by attaching one end up high in the corner of the patio or porch, then stretched across the patio, back and forth, while attaching to the sides of the patio. This coverage brightens your outdoor space to create a welcoming area.


If you have a dining or decorative table outside, lanterns are a stylish lighting element that will give off light to the surrounding area. Lanterns are a great, easy option for design because they can be painted to match any color scheme your house may have. They are also an inexpensive option and can be purchased at stores like Hobby Lobby or antique stores. Use a battery powered candle inside the lanterns and – voila! – you’re ready for a night out on your patio.

Step Lights

Decks and patios often have a few steps to and from the house. Keeping stairs well-lit will keep little ones safe as they play. Step lights are a lighting option that elevates the style of your home while maintaining practicality. These lights are installed in the stairs, so the bulb itself is out of sight, while displaying a beautiful glow on your steps. Step lights have become increasingly popular with the rise of home renovations and are a great option for those wanting to create a seamless look for their outdoor area.

Wall Installations

Want to increase your curb appeal? Installing a light fixture like a sconce will instantly make your home look more inviting and increase your curb appeal. Quality fixtures are available for as low as under one hundred dollars each. Consider these additions to be an investment in the home as curb appeal has been proven to raise the value of home in the real estate market.

If anything of these installations sound like the next addition you would like to have on your property, give us a call and let Professional Electric help turn your outdoor space into an extension of your home.

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