Outdoor Smart Lighting

You’ve probably got at least one smart device in your home. Maybe it’s a smart tv or perhaps a smart home device or smart lighting? These devices are typically controlled using our voices, our phones or even other smart devices. These smart home features can make life a little easier and a lot more fun.

If you like techy stuff inside your home, you’re going to love outdoor smart lighting. Not only is it easy to use and fun to show off, but could make your home a safer place for your family. 

What is Outdoor Smart Lighting?

There are hundreds of outdoor smart products. From video doorbells to electric locking systems you can deck your home out with the latest technology. One of those outdoor technologies is smart lighting. This could include floodlights, pathway lights, porch lights, garage lights and so much more. 

What are the Benefits and Uses? 

Outdoor smart lighting isn’t just fun to have, it’s actually an extra layer of protection and security for you and your family. Smart lighting that turns on when someone crosses your yard at night or approaches your door will allow you to see who is there without having to go out and turn a light on. This will deter intruders and also give any video surveillance you have some extra light to capture their face. 

Pathway lighting is great for when you’re coming or going at night. By illuminating your path you can see clearly where you are walking which will help you and your guests avoid taking a tumble. Do you have kids that plan on coming home late? Keep the porch light on for them and easily turn it off from your phone if they forget. 

Smart lighting isn’t just for practical purposes, it’s also great for enjoying your home at night. Jazz up that backyard BBQ or a pool party with fun smart lights. You can change the hue and the brightness to give your party the ambiance it needs. 

How Can I Get it Installed?

By now you’re probably convinced that some outdoor smart lighting would be perfect for your home, but how do you get it installed? Some smart lighting is easy to install and you can just swap out bulbs or plugs, but if you want the full nine yards and professionally installed lighting you better call Professional Electric. Our professionally trained team can help you get your home working the way you want in no time, so give us a call today!  (251) 473-5788

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