Should I Install a Lightning Rod?

When lightning strikes, sometimes it can do more than just make you jump from being startled. Some big storms cause big damages—especially when they cause lightning fires. When sparks fly, your home or business can be the one that’s hurt the most. But how can you prevent lightning damage? A lightning rod may be your answer. And how do you know if you need a lightning rod? Well, there’s a few things you should consider. 

Not Everyone Needs a Lightning Rod

Not everyone needs a lightning rod. We’ll lay out the facts here: not many homes are struck by lightning each year. But, if they are, major damages and fires can occur. And sometimes, unfortunately, lightning can strike twice in the same spot—just look at the Empire State building. Not everyone needs a lightning rod, but that’s also like saying that not everyone needs airbags in their car. You might not get into an accident, but they’re there just in case. Your property might not be struck by lightning, but if it were, you’d want something to keep it safe and protected, right? 

Not All Lightning Rod Needs are the Same

Everyone needs a lightning rod for their own unique reasons. Maybe you’re in a neighborhood where you’re the tallest house or building and you’re worried this will increase your chances of being struck. Or maybe you’re in an area encompassed by trees, and want a lightning rod so the lightning can safely disperse somewhere that isn’t so easily flammable. You could live in an area where there’s not another house or tree in sight for miles, and that’s a completely understandable reason to want a lightning rod, too. Your peace of mind is most important. 

Not All Lightning Rods Can Be Installed by Anyone

Lightning rods function by directing the electrical volts that come from a lightning strike into a safe and secure spot in the ground. In doing so, they can protect your home from being struck by lightning and can eliminate any potential lightning-driven fires from starting. If this sounds like a pretty scientific and complex system, that’s because it is. But while it might seem like a good (and cheap) idea to take matters into your own hands and do installation of a lightning rod on your own, there are a few key concepts that might make you consider putting your lightning rod into the hands of a professional

For starters, your own personal safety is important. If you’re unaccustomed to climbing on roofs, scaling above treelines or handling electrical components, then it’s probably a good idea to hire someone else to do your lightning rod installation. See, lightning rods aren’t just sticks of metal that you place on your roof. Lightning rods are complex systems that feature multiple parts and pieces. There’s the lightning rod, the copper wire and then the grounding rod. It’s pretty imperative that you install these pieces correctly because, if they work properly, they can keep your home or business safe and protected from fires and damage. These components need to be securely bonded. That way there’s minimal risk for any side flashes and sparks. 

And not only is it important to take your own safety into account, but you also need to be considering national safety standards for lightning protection systems. According to the National Weather Service, all of these systems must follow the guidelines and standards set by the Lightning Protection Institute, National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories. If you’re not clear on these standards, you might be installing an inefficient—and potentially dangerous—system. 

Plus, if your lightning rod is installed incorrectly, then you’re basically just spending all sorts of cash on a safety system that won’t work. That’s like buying a car with airbags that don’t deploy! If your lightning rod doesn’t work properly, then instead of directing thousands of volts of electricity into a safe space in the ground, your home or business will absorb all the shock and sparks can fly. When it comes to installing a lightning rod in your home or business: trust the professionals. Give Professional Electric in Mobile, Alabama, a call. 

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