Should I Replace Two Prong Outlets?

Most older homes have two prong outlets instead of three. The third centered hole is called ground and works equivalent to the left neutral slot because they are connected. There is a reason why the third slot is now included in newer outlets. Forget about the rewiring or even worse, reversed polarity and read about why you should replace those two prong outlets for good. Besides, the third time’s the charm!

The Ground Prong is Truly Groundbreaking

The ground prong plays a vital role in safety uses and access of metal-encased appliances. A ground prong can also be called an earth prong by electricians who know that it is not a floating ground, meaning it is not an original ground. It is meant to protect yourself from electrical shock and your appliances from any damages such as loose wiring in circuits. You will also be able to save some money from outlets shorting out and having to replace them each year. Avoid these risks from shock injury and make the switch today.

Avoid Outside Add-On Outlets or Prongs

While there might be additional temporary solutions such as adding a cheater plug to make the two-prong outlet compatible with a three prong, your safety risks reduce, and that shock factor becomes higher due to the actual ground prong not being there. Many who decide to upgrade by doing it themselves, can face breaker box grounding problems. Some people also decide to go with the three GFCI outlet route which will also put your electronics at risk and add further damage to them over time. The key is to stick with the original standard three-prong outlets because the ground prong itself is what protects from fuses.

Other Attachments are Not Fully Equipped

A GFCI outlet, for example, will not allow you to run a ground outlet or to even feed other outlets from it because most older boxes are not grounded. You would also have to accommodate the device with bigger metal boxes for wiring. Any additional outlets added to the two-prong not grounded style of outlet must go by electrical code for allowance of proper installation. Even so, the risk for ungrounded style attachments versus standard grounded outlets is all in the shock protection, meaning there is no guarantee you will be fully protected with the add-on attachments.

Making the switch from a two-prong outlet to a three prong is crucial for the work of a professional electrician for safe installation. Upgrade today to hassle-free plugins and let our Professional Electric team install your system at a low cost.

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