Things You Can Control with Your Google Home

The little voice inside your head isn’t always enough to remind you of tasks to complete. We’re human. We forget things. Luckily, there are devices like Google Home that act as our personal assistant and can cater to our every need. Ah, the power of technology and voice command! Read and learn about some of the many things you can control with your Google Home. Hey Google…


Your day is set with the help of Google Home reminders and calendars. Customize them to your schedule, and Google will do all the rest. It can even give you any notifications you may have missed. Lose things easily? Simply remind Google where you will place your wallet for the day (for example, on top of your bookshelf) and ask Google where you left it later on. Google knows the answer! No more forgetting important appointment dates, times and items. You can even add events as they come up on to your calendar.

Search Anything and Everything

Curiosity can strike at random moments in our lives. There is no such thing as a stupid question for this device. Google Home can look up facts, calculate numbers, repeat recipes, spell words, find locations,  make animal sounds… the list goes on and on. So don’t be shy, Google has your back. Ask away!

Shop and Track

Shop until you drop in the comfort of your home. Make a shopping list and even reorder frequent purchases. Ran out of milk? Add it to your grocery list and have Google read your shopping list whenever you need to know what you need. Track your packages to ease your mind by asking, “Hey Google, where is my package?”.

Book a Hotel/Info on Flights

Besides the obvious voice commands such as “Play music” or “Call mom,” Google Home can also book a hotel in specific properties near your area. If you need to find a flight, book a trip, know the prices of flights or even check on your flight, your travel questions come in handy as Google Maps is proudly integrated into the device. Need an Uber to pick you up to catch your flight? No problem because it orders one for you.

Smart Home Devices

Set the mood in your home by controlling the lights and temperature to your liking. You can be specific by saying, “Turn on bedroom lights only,” or “Raise temperature to two degrees.” You can also change television channels and ask entertainment questions such as “what was the Bears score yesterday?”.

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