What does a commercial electrician do?

Commercial electricians are professionally trained and licensed to install, maintain, inspect and repair the electrical systems in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include restaurants, office buildings, retail stores and other buildings used for commercial purposes. They do not work in residences or homes. 

The work that a commercial electrician does day-to-day may depend on the type of business or commercial building they are working in for that job. Some of the most common tasks done by a commercial electrician are: 

Installing electrical wiring and components – When a building is built, remodeled or updated there is a need for electrical wiring and components to be installed. This includes things such as light switches and writing for lights, automatic doors and a plethora of other things. 

Inspecting and maintaining electrical systems – Electrical systems must be inspected and maintained to ensure they are working, that they are safe and that they are up to code. Commercial electricians must check new and existing electrical systems regularly. 

Planning and installing new electrical systems – When a new building is built, all the electrical work must be done from the ground up. That means a team of commercial electricians needs to be hired to map out the system, as well as, install it. They will need to ensure that everything is functional and works with the aesthetic and architecture of the building. 

Repairing or maintaining heating and cooling systems – Many commercial buildings are much larger than residential buildings, therefore they have much larger heating and cooling systems. As normal wear and tear happen on the building, there will be regular maintenance and occasionally repairs that need to be made by commercial electricians

Installing the electrical components of security systems – Most commercial buildings have some sort of security or alarm system. This differs from building to building and may include things like camera surveillance systems and door alarms. They may need to install these electrical components and make sure they are all working properly. 

Commercial electricians play an important role in the everyday functions of all the businesses and commercial buildings around us, that’s why it’s important to have electricians who are well trained and knowledgeable in their profession. The team of commercial electricians at Professional Electric is just that. Give us a call today and see how we can help with your commercial (or residential) electrical needs in the Mobile area!

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