What is Electric Construction?

Starting to custom-build your home is definitely a fun project, especially if you are considering adding electric construction or a lower-level floor. Electric construction is generally made up of five phases. Each phase focuses on a specific service where a professional electrician performs the necessary requirements to move forward at a sustainable rate. The general factors that come into play and what you can expect are also highlighted below. 


Before a concept even comes to life, electric construction includes the beginning stages of the design. A contractor, along with architects, engineers and project managers, will begin to plan all of the pre-construction requirements. These requirements could include an estimate on labor cost and materials, a general layout and a meeting to talk about your budget. The next step will include the building’s foundation, because the primary focus is using the power source through electrical conduits. 


In order for installation to go smoothly during electrical construction services, the right equipment is needed, as well as obtaining any legal permits by the local city. Professionals know how to install electricity while following all safety measures, such as having sufficient amounts of circuits and cables to avoid fuses. Any add-ons, circuit wiring, exhaust fans and any other type of electrical wiring is done in the “rough” phase. Think more than light fixtures and think about adding any security systems and cameras as they are also part of installation. 


During phase three of electrical construction, temporary lighting and temperature control systems are in place. Sheetrock and paint are known to stain permanent structures, so temporary lights will do the trick. For preventative maintenance measures, both residential and commercial projects are looked over to ensure all the details go as planned. Testing and monitoring of the overall electrical system happens after temporary needs are met. 


As the professional electric construction services come to an end, any repairs are made. This includes any modifications on miswirings, troubleshooting, add-ons for wall mounts and looking over warranty periods are some of the ways contractors will make repairs. Other electric construction repair services include self-audits and inspections of the area after the work is completed to help prevent any hazards in the future. 

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