Save Money with Digital Timers

If you are looking for a way to save some money on your electricity bill, we have just the tip for you! If you haven’t heard the buzz about digital timers yet, it is time to catch you up. Digital timers are an elegant and simple way to save money and make your home energy efficient. You can install a few basic digital timers throughout your home and it will help reduce the amount of power that your electronics are using every month. Keep reading below for a few simple steps that will help you start saving money and reduce the energy you are consuming at home.

Unplug appliances

Begin by simply unplugging the electronic devices that you would like to place a timer on. You can use it on a coffee maker, toaster, or pretty much anything you choose!

Set the intervals on the timer

Digital timers can be set in intervals so that you can choose how many hours it will run. Typically they are set in 12-hour cycles. If you plan to use the time in conjunction with a coffee maker, and you only use it from 7am-9am, set the intervals to create this time frame. This will ensure that your coffeemaker will only receive power during the on interval and the timer will prevent power being drawn to your device throughout the entire day.

Plug in your timer

Once you have set your intervals, plug your appliance into the timer and let the timer get to work! It will probably be a good idea to test the timer before you plug it in and leave it unattended. Try setting the timer so that it will come on in 1 minute from the time you plug it in and set it to turn off after five minutes! If your timer works as it is intended, then you are ready to set the times for your device and you will start saving money instantly!

There’s not much better than saving energy, except for saving money along with it! By installing digital timers to your electronics, it will help you to conserve energy by not having appliances running all day. Instead of your coffeemaker running for 22 hours, it will run for two hours and then be turned off! Get started using digital timers in your home and start reaping the rewards of saving money and conserving energy!

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The 4 main types of light bulbs and differences for your home

Choosing the right light for your space is important. Certain light bulbs will set the exact mood you’re looking for while others can help you complete important projects. Here we gave some great ideas on outdoor lighting. Today, we’ll tackle the topic of indoor lighting. How do you choose? There are 4 main types of light bulbs commonly used in the home.

Incandescent: Incandescent light bulbs are by far the most commonly used bulbs in homes. They are also the least costly. Incandescent light bulbs cast a warm light that has an inviting tone and compliments most skin tones.

  • Big pro: These types of bulbs will last you up to 1,000 hours and you can easily put them on a dimmer, which is appealing to many homeowners to set different moods.
  • Big con: A big disadvantage to incandescent bulbs is that they are not as energy efficient as other more modern choices available now.

Halogen:  Halogen bulbs provide the closest light to natural light. This is commonly referred to as “white light.”  Halogen bulbs are used often for under-cabinet lighting, recessed can lighting and pendant lights because they can be put on a dimmer and give a sharper light good for task lighting.

  • Big pro: Halogen bulbs are related to incandescent bulbs so are also frequently used but are slightly more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Big con: These are more expensive to use and burn at a much higher temperature. In fact, use caution to not handle a halogen bulb with your bare hands. The smallest amount of skin oil on a halogen bulb can cause it to warm too quickly and explode.

Fluorescent:  Fluorescent light bulbs provide a light equal to that of daytime light and cannot be put on a dimmer. Today, there are many types of fluorescent light bulbs available from warm and cool to special colored bulbs such as black light.

  • Big pro: Fluorescent light bulbs work well in areas where flattering light or setting a mood is not important: attics and basements. They produce more light than an incandescent bulb and will last you longer.
  • Big con: These bulbs give a harsh light that comes off as bluish in certain rooms and can hurt sensitive eyes.

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs): Compact fluorescent bulbs are by far the most energy efficient, consuming ¼ of the energy of incandescent bulbs. They also lasts ten times longer. These bulbs provide flattering light in any room room and to most all skin tones.

  • Big pro: CFL’s are a very versatile bulb you can use anywhere in your home that you would use an incandescent bulb. However, they are quieter and provide the most flattering light and to most all skin tones.
  • Big con: These bulbs do contain trace amounts of the harmful substance, mercury. This is a huge concern for some families, especially those with small children. Steer away from these if mercury is a worry and if you do use CFLs be sure to recycle when disposing of them.

We hope this makes it crystal clear which bulbs to choose next time you’re making that decision.

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