Space Heater Dos and Don’ts

As the colder weather sets in, many people are turning to their space heaters for that extra bit of warmth. While space heaters are great for convenience and comfort, many house fires are started every year due to misuse. If you use a space heater to heat your home, then it is necessary to follow these proper precautions.

The Three Foot Rule
Experts suggest that space heaters should be kept a minimum of three feet from anything that will burn. This includes paper, curtains, articles of clothing and carpet. This rule not only goes for the front of the space heater but the back and sides as well. While this may be a drawback on convenience, this is a crucial element of safety and fire prevention.

Kids and Pets
Never leave kids and/or pets alone with a space heater and never leave a space heater unattended. The appliance could easily burn your furry friends or little ones. The heater could also get knocked over, causing a possible fire. Unplug space heaters when not in use and store them in a safe place away from children and animals.

Direct to the Source
The Electrical Safety Foundation International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety, advocates against using power strips or extension cords when plugging in your space heater. Space heaters use a lot of electricity and power strips and extension cords can overheat, which in turn could start a fire.

Keep The Unit Level
Always keep the space heater on a level floor. Avoid placing space heaters on top of any other objects or on an incline. The concern here is the space heater tipping over. Not all space heaters have a tip sensor and a heater is face down could get things heated quickly.

Use as Directed
Space heaters are not primary heating sources. They are to be used in addition to your current heating program. Use the appliance for what it is intended for and not as a substitute to heat or thaw items. Do not hang or place items such as clothes, blankets or towels on the heater. This could easily cause a fire.

Routinely check the cord of the space heater for damage or fraying. Check the outer casing for cracks, unusual discoloration and other deformations. Clean the space heater by wiping down the outside and using a can of compressed air to blow dirt and dust from inside the heater.

A space heater is a convenient and easy option for heating your home.

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