Do You Need an Electrical Inspection Before Buying a Home

When buying a home, it’s important to ensure that everything’s working as it should. After all, you’re investing a lot of money into your new home and you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. While you probably will have a home inspection done, it’s important to also have an electrical inspection performed to ensure everything’s in tip-top shape. 

Structural surveys are important, but they don’t tell the full story of the house. Typical home inspections don’t cover electrical examinations, and small electrical problems can turn into big ones later that can cost you significantly more money and turn into a headache. Here are some other reasons why you should get an electrical inspection before buying a home.

Check for Outdated Wiring

If you’re buying an older house, you need to have the wiring checked. Older homes might still have their original wiring. Outdated wiring poses a hazard as it cannot handle the electrical power of modern appliances. An inspector can determine if your wiring is outdated and can inform you of any renovation work that has been completed and if it is up to standards. They will also let you know if there are any areas that will need to be improved in the future, and if any need to be taken care of right away. 

Be Aware of Potential Safety Issues

Faulty electrical issues may cause electronics and appliances to blow, and they can also lead to a fire starting. Your outlets need to be tested in order to prevent potential danger whenever appliances are plugged in. You need to be made aware of this as the issue would need to be fixed immediately. These issues can lead to a loss of property, damage to the property, and on occasion, death. There may be hidden problems within your wiring that need to be checked out. Additionally, the previous homeowner might have tried to fix the issue themselves, and you don’t want to have to deal with the after-effects of faulty maintenance. 

Prevent Financial Issues 

If the electrical inspection reveals that there are problems that can be expensive to fix, you, the buyer, can renegotiate the price of the home or even have the seller cover the cost of repairs. Electrical inspections ensure the property is a good investment and is worth purchasing. If not, you can choose to not purchase the house and save yourself future financial burden and debt. 

Insurance Purposes

If you need to file an insurance claim after purchasing the house, you will need to have an inspection from a licensed provider sent to your insurance company. Having an electrical inspection done covers the insurance company and yourself in case any issues arise after purchase. It’s a smart investment and it will cover you in future liability cases.

Electrical inspections are not only a good financial investment, they save lives. Are you searching for a new home? Avoid future safety concerns and the higher costs associated with repairing major problems and schedule an electrical inspection with Professional Electric now. Call us today at (251) 473-5788.