3 Smart Home Devices that Can Save You Money

Smart devices have certainly made our lives easier in many ways. This includes in our homes, too. Many people wonder “can smart home devices save money?” There are so many smart home devices that it is often tough to choose. Here are 3 smart devices that are worth looking into for saving cost to your home.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been around for several years now. However, thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone are a new addition to the market. Smart programmable thermostats can save thousands of dollars a year through many ways. First, there are “peak” power hours for electricity usage. Of course, this depends on the part of the country where you live. For example, peak hours of hotter climates will be different than say, the colder areas of the country. In either case, knowing your area’s peak hours and having a thermostat you control remotely really puts savings in your hands — literally. Control your air conditioning, heating, indoor and outdoor lights and even your hot water heater-all at the touch of a button.

Smart Power Strip

Have you heard of the term “phantom power?” Phantom power refers to power being used even when switches are turned off. Phantom power is a true money robber. An example of phantom power is your television set. Did you know that if a television is plugged into a power strip, as so many are, that it continues to suck electricity even when off? The way to combat this is to invest in smart power strips. Traditional power strips have several outlets that all get turned off with one switch. Smart power strips allow you to turn off outlets individually from your mobile device. This means you can turn off the power to the television and the Xbox, but leave necessary appliances with power, such as the cable modem.

LED Smart Bulbs

Investing in LED light bulbs and smart technology to control them is green in your pocket and for the environment. Smart bulbs are one of the most popular home devices on the market. They pay for themselves many times over, too. Smart technology in light bulbs will allow you to control lights and even give the illusion of you being home when you are not. Most light bulbs for home use now have an LED alternative available at big box stores.

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